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garry swanCopy Editor

As the Journal’s Copy Editor it is Garry’s job to read every submission carefully to ensure that spelling, grammar and punctuation are of the standard required for a professional international publication. Computer spellchecks and grammar checks, while useful, pick up only some of the errors and omissions. While wishing to retain in large part the content and flavour of the author’s submitted text, invariably there are improvements to be made in order to maintain a high standard of presentation.

For example, phrases such as “To be honest” or “Let’s face it” (the “let’s” usually written minus the apostrophe) are simply not appropriate in a journal such as this one. Proof-reading also involves ensuring consistency and accuracy: Are names always spelt the same if used more than once in an article? Do the figure numbers given in the text match the ones allocated to the figures themselves? These need to be checked for accuracy. Are the descriptions and explanations in the article clear, or might they be ambiguous? A simple alteration, a different choice of word, an additional sentence, or even a comma, can often make all the difference. In the end, all the nit-picking is worthwhile and produces a journal which it is hoped readers find informative and useful, and of which authors can be proud.

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