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This section includes all the materials developed to support anyone writing for jviscomm, the journal of visual communication in medicine.

These papers in the journal are designed to encourage the lifelong learning and development of readers of the journal through presenting materials that will support continuing professional development (CPD).

This used to be a separate section but are now all part of the Professional section of the journal which is to the back of the journal in hard copy and lower parts of the online content list. 

The features that separate them from the rest of the journal are the inclusion of learning activities. They generally have the following format:

  • Introduction
  • General information or background to the topic,
  • A series of tasks which help to develop and reinforce learning through practice, thinking around the topic or personal development.
  • Links or references to further reading

We would welcome contributions to this section from:

  • Complete learning activities
  • Part complete ready for learning activities to be added
  • Ideas on subject areas or activities that you would like to see covered
  • Feedback on any that have been published
  • Cartoons or illustrations that we could build an activity around.

This section also tries to be innovative in its approaches to Learning and CPD so a could include something you have tried and works for you, a collaborative project, a short piece on how you have used these pieces along with your online e-journal e.g. CPD Windows, PebblePad etc. Although this section has tended to concentrate on skills development there is no reason why it shouldn’t include a wider variety of topics. In terms of length they are generally 1,000 – 1,500 words in length though have been as long as 2,000, together with screen captures, tables or any figures that are appropriate or can liven up the activity and thinking around Learning and CPD.

Previous Learning and CPD activities include:


Informed Patient Consent and Confidentiality

Image Databases

Diabetic Retinopathy


Patient privacy

Accessible Web Design


Sharing Good Practice.

Giving a presentation.

Patient Information Design.


Evidence based practice.

Supporting patients.


Personalising your learning

Adding variety to your learning activities.

Google scholar and e-journals.

Team based review and reflection.


Ethical dimensions to reflection

Writing up a case presentation

The reflection bookshelf.

The Personal Development Planning Cycle.


Using flashcards for learning

Using research papers: Citations, referencing and plagiarism

Developing and sharing your CPD portfolio

Learning journal and portfolio tools.


Current Issues: Consent for clinical photography

Are you a researcher as well as a medical illustrator?

Referencing web pages and e-journals.


Conflict of interest and privilege in clinical and medicolegal photography: A short summary

The developing professional

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